Yacht-match team visited the new Italia Yachts factory

After a successful regatta weekend for Italia Yachts in the south of Italy, the Yacht-match team visited the new factory in the heart of Italian shipbuilding, Castelvecchio.

The general manager of Italia Yachts Sébastien Nolasco had answers to all of our questions.

Sébastien comes from a big shipyard and brings valuable knowledge about production management.

The shipyard is divided into two big halls, first hall is the lamination hall, where hulls are made. The second hall is an assembly hall, with two production lines, one for smaller and one for bigger sailboats.

Composite bulkheads are laminated into the hull structure.

Special attention is dedicated to protecting installed materials and equipment.

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Italia yachts Nordic by Yacht-Match

Italia yachts Nordic by Yacht-Match


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