The highly experienced and renowned Croatian journalist Teo Marevic speaks positively about his experiences with the Italia Yachts 12.98 in the cold and windy waters between Denmark and Sweden.

“….Italia Yachts models look attractive, modern, fast, elegant, sporty… in one word Italian.”

“The Italia Yachts 12.98 effortlessly provides fun and exciting sailing at over 35 knots. It loves to lean but also forgives a lack of concentration.”

“One of the fundamental differences compared to current competitive models is one instead of two rudder blades.”

“The Italia Yachts 12.98 can win club regattas while also being a fine yacht for family cruising.”

“There were moments when the feeling at the helm was like on a much smaller sports sailboat.”

“The steering response is excellent and can be precisely controlled without difficulty. It also handles stronger wind gusts well.”

“This Italia Yachts 12.98 BELLISSIMA is truly a beautiful sailboat, with the right balance of performance and luxury.”

“The interior looks even nicer when it gets dark. They achieved this by cleverly placing long lines of elements in the interior.”

The full test of the Italia Yachts 12.98 will be available soon!

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Italia yachts Nordic by Yacht-Match

Italia yachts Nordic by Yacht-Match


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