Italia 9.98/34

Performance boat
Available in the “Furiserie” version, the top for racing – and “Bellissima” one for a more comfortable cruise use.
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ITALIA 9.98​

Italia 9.98 fuoriserie

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technical specification

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Technical Specifications
Naval architecture Matteo Polli / Italia Yachts
Interior design Kristian Macchiut (KMD)
Exterior design Kristian Macchiut / Matteo Polli
Engineering & structural design Matteo Polli / Italia Yachts
Length over all 10.30 m (34 ft)
Max beam 3.54 m (11,6 ft)
Draft 1.90 m (6,2 ft)
Displacement 4,500 kg (9,920 lbs)
Mainsail area 38 sm (409 sq ft)
Jib area 32 sm (344.4 sq ft)
Spinnaker area 90 sm (968,7 sq ft)
Gennaker area 105 sm (1.131 sq ft)
GPH ORC 625 - 630 sec/m
IRC TCC 1,015 - 1,025

An endless pleasure

The hull of Italia Yachts 9.98 is the result of numerous statistical analyzes and fluid dynamics crossed with each other with performance forecasting programs. The particular geometry obtained allows for very thin water lines and tense straight boat exits to the benefit of load-bearing gaits, while as the heel increases, the lines widen to ensure greater stability of shape while remaining symmetrical.

These studies, together with the experiences on the regatta fields, have made it possible to obtain a excellent compromise between performance and ease of operation.

Efficient & safe


The deck lines were modeled looking for the best compromise between ergonomics of maneuvers and of interior spaces and volumes, taking naturally in great consideration is given to the aesthetic aspect. Thanks to the shapes started and a geometry was obtained at the chamfers low aerodynamic impact and a dry look and modern. The importance of obtaining clean flows around the deckhouse have represented the common thread for the designers who have designed a functional blanket, ergonomically efficient and safe, suitable for both sailing with crew and with reduced crew. Outwardly, Italy 9.98 Bellissima is set up with two wheelhouse wheels, two comfortable benches in the cockpit, also covered in synthetic teak, and the integrated dolphin.
Functional & Comftorable

Interior design

IY 9.98 is also suitable for long cruises, for exhilarating ones sailing performance, combines refined and welcoming interiors finished with craftsmanship. The interior layout provides 2 cabins, a bathroom aft and the central square with dinette, kitchen and correspondence. The modern design features gelcoat surfaces functional both in racing and cruising. Some parts, as wardrobes and cabinets, they are made of fabric and are removable to lighten displacement in racing. The floorboard is made of marine plywood finished in laminated with gray anti-slip. The doors are equipped with thresholds and finished with technical frames in aluminum to increase resistance to sports use. The correspondence is obtained in the area of ​​the square while the kitchen has an “L” layout and is composed of sink, cold room and tilting hob.